The Challenge 2008 – Win some nice prizes

January 6, 2009

With this somewhat of an outdated title, I would like to inform all of you about the Microsoft game competition running this month. The competition utilizes the Messenger API, to write simple games to be played from within Messenger. You can write your own game in flash, Silverlight or pure html, and via JavaScript communicate with your Messenger client to make it a multiplayer game.


I have been chosen by Microsoft to be one of the judges – bribes are not accepted – but I encourage all to participate in the game development tournament this month. 


Read all about it at 


I think I will make a little game of my own, but naturally I can not participate in the tournament. I will keep you posted about the progress.

On national TV

September 30, 2008

This morning I went on national TV for the first time in my life – quite an exiting experience. Naturally I had my concerns last night before I vent to sleep, but with a hectic morning, most of the stress and fear went away.

I was on the morning show at TV2, one of the most viewed programs in Denmark, and together with Anders Hjort from The Danish Electricity Savings Trust, we showed the new Web portal My Home. My Home is a web portal for home energy savings, and home automation, we have made at Hello Group over the past year. A very big project containing everything from automatic online power meter readings, to savings advice, a full scale floor plan drawing program, and integration with real live home automation, where you can monitor and control your home appliances at the touch of a button on your computer or cell phone.
As the show was live there was little room for mistake and screw-ups, and even thou we did experience some technical difficulties during the live run. Everything went well and the light turned on in my apartment (we had live broadcast from my living room directly available in the TV studio).

All in all a nice experience and something I believe will make me stronger for future presentations. I have always admired the people on the show, where its obvious its there first time on TV, and have had the mantra that if I could appear on national TV, without making a complete fool of my self, I thing I can do anything.

Judge for your self.

Worst user interface ever – DIBS

April 18, 2007 

Take a look at the FAQ user interface at this page. It’s a large Danish Payment gateway for Internet payment, they should know some about web interface.All questions are located in dropdown boxes and you then have to select the dropdown value “Svar” means Answer to see the answer some distance below. LOL! Even in some cases there is two Answers (Svar 1 and Svar 2).

Well I think I want Svar 2, that will probably suite me! 

How lame!

Amaizing game

March 19, 2007

See the pressentation of Litle Big Planet here.

Hello – it has begun

March 14, 2007

Farvel til Stejlen og Hello til en nu æra

After 15 years as Juul & Stejle our bellowed company has now officially changes name to HelloWeb. We are happy, proud and busy. Read all about it here (in Danish).