October 1, 2007

Is that a cumulonimbus, a nimbostratus, or just a cloud that looks like a sheep! The art of meteorology is tricky, and the questions hard! Take for instance this fairly easy question:

Select the statement that is most representative of a land and sea breeze in the UK:
A – The surface wind is likely to be on shore during the night
B – The surface wind is likely to be on shore during the day
C – By day the 1000 feet wind is likely to flow parallel to the coast line
D – By night the 1000 feet wind is likely to flow parallel to the coast line

The right answer is: B

I have been restudying meteorology the last four days, and today I felt ready for the exam, and I passed it with 95% – just one question wrong.

Finally it’s weekend!

September 30, 2007

After a looooooooooong week, it was Friday night and time to hit the town. We met up with six other Danish guys al enrolled at Naples Air Center for the CPL (Commercial Pilot) and went out for dinner at the cheese café factory – how American, but actually pretty good pasta!

Saturday and time for my birthday present from Rune – an all day boat trip down the canals! We rented a cool 18 foot deckboat with a 90 HP engine. It was a beautiful day and, as you might not know, Naples is made up of a lot of canals, most of them with huge private villas. It’s amazing how much money there is in property, boats and jets! Actually now is the low season so most of the houses are empty, the owners are at their other homes, like there penthouse in NY, there beach home at Malibu or there ski cottage at Aspen. But when they return to Naples in November to March the town gets busy, and actually the airport is so stuffed with private jets, that the closes down one of the runways just to park them all. J

Well back to our Saturday sailing trip. We had the boat all day, and went down to Marco Island through the canals. Naturally we had lunch at the Snooze In – the same restaurant we stopped by at the last time, but this time we arrived by the sea. After a great day at sea we went to the beach to cool down, and now we are back at the hotel, watching some Myth Busters and relaxing!

Next week we are probably going solo – alone in the airplane – exiting! And the next exam will be Metrology – a hard subject!

Touch and go, touch and go, touch and go…

September 28, 2007

Yesterday and today I have been doing touch and go. Touch and go is taking off, going around in the circuit (the standard approach to the runway), aligning with the runway doing a somewhat controlled crash (what is referred to as a landing), and taking off again. This is great practice for doing a lot of take offs and landing in short time, each round takes about 5-7 minutes. So yesterday and today I have done around 20 touch and go’s, and I’m getting the hang of it!

In all I have logged about 11 hours now. I taxi out, I talk to the ground and tower and request takeoff clearance, I take off, I can fly straight and level and sometimes I do J and I land. So basically I fly the airplane, and all this after just 6 days in the cockpit! How wonderful 😉

Oh by the way, did I mention that I did a couple of touch and go’s, and a couple more? And tomorrow I’m going to do touch and go’s – that will be exciting!

Actually it is quite nice to do touch and go, you get a lot of experience with traffic, and experience of flying the plane. And when all comes down at the end of the day that’s what flying is all about.

Over and out!

Communications – Roger and out!

September 27, 2007

Yesterday I passed communication, and unlike Law, this one I nailed right away. 100% – I’m one happy camper!