Back from Mauritius

November 2, 2008

So we are back from Mauritius. What a great 14 days. It was a bit hard to get on any wifi so the blog has not been updated frequently as promished but here are some pictures for you to enjoy.

Breakfaste at the Blacksteer

October 23, 2008

Third day at Mauritius. We have been keit surfing the last two days but today there is zero wind, so we are going to explorer the island a bit.
Mauritius is wonderfull, a very warm mix of indian and african people, beautifull nature and nice beaches with white sand, coralriefs and crowdes of little fish at the rief. The local bier is the phoenix and its not too bad either.
Monday we are going on a shark dive with Ruvan and a dive instructor – exiting.
Tonight we have a bbq planed at the kite place together our german instructor Ninja. Strange name for a girl, but hey my name means different in german so…

Now at Mauritius

October 20, 2008

Now at Mauritius.